Casting Call for Family Holiday by DC Cathro

“Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays…except for when home for the holidays comes with a handful of surprises that you just weren’t ready for and a quartet of secrets that you just can’t keep to yourself! This is DC Cathro’s Family Holiday. Putting the fun in dysfunction with his high-octane farce, Cathro brings a hysterical holiday play to the stage and it’s the perfect stocking stuffer. Ripe with jokes, comedic situations of epic proportions, and a teasingly talented cast, Cathro’s witty new holiday romp is a closetful of laughs that’ll warm the cockles of your heart with the spirit of Christmas family style.”

Amanda N. Gunther

Available Rolls

RJ – (Ronald Junior): The son, a veterinarian, bears the burden of all the family    secrets, clinging to his sanity, the one everyone can talk to when it comes to airing their secrets, wild facial expressions, late 20s to early 30s.

Andy -: RJ’s oldest friend, laid back, spunky, bodacious attitude, defines hipster masculinity, late 20s to early 30s

JR – (Judith Junior): RJ’s sister, full of sass, hint of melodramatic flair, late 20s early 30s

Judith: Mom, Ron’s wife, a total neurotic, packs a real punch every time her phone goes off, a bit spastic, fumbles for excuses 50s

Nana – Feisty, pinpoint comedic timing, wild and wickedly hilarious things come out of her mouth, 70s

Ron – Dad, gruff, no nonsense, grumbles, 50s

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This is a virtual performance. Performance and rehearsal will be conducted remotely. 

Non-Equity (not paid).

Questions: Call Bob Carter at 561-301-2588.