Q&A with Craig J. Trocino following all performances of The Exonerated

Director of the Innocence Clinic & Lecturer in Law, University of Miami School of Law


The Innocence Clinic is dedicated to identifying and correcting wrongful convictions and is committed to exonerating innocent individuals and combating injustice.

Following all 3 performances of The Exonerated, Mr. Trocino will give background on this little known issue, speak of his experience, and be available for questions.

Courts seem to bend over backwards, especially in a case like this, to want to preserve a conviction at the cost of finding the actual truth.” – Craig Trocino


Craig J. Trocino is featured on 3 episodes of Miami Law Explainer Podcast (University of Miami School of Law).

S1 E2 The Tragic Case of Brendan Dassey

S1 E13 The Evidence Edition: From Pittsburgh to ‘Making a Murderer’

S2 E9 A Netflix Star’s Appeal


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