Without your love and support, Actor’s Rep would not be where it is, doing what it does best – inspiring a passion and love for performing arts. This year realized a new building, more space, and more dreams. This year also realized an increased need for financial support. The dream of filled classrooms, laughing children, and a fulfilled community cannot continue to thrive without your help.

Your tax-deductible gift will sustain performing art education efforts that awaken imaginations and help secure a long future of patrons, students, faculty and more. Your gift will inspire performers and creative souls. It is a gift that will transform a life.

Programs You Support

Educational Classes

Classes offered by Actor’s Rep continue to be of the highest quality under the direction of Kathleen Kenny. With a gift of $250 you will provide a scholarship for a child in need. It is because of you that Actor’s Rep is able to teach, train, and grow with performing artists of all ages.

Youth Actors Guild

The Guild is offered to all high school age students at no charge and allows them a platform to explore and express their voice. It continues to exist because of your contributions. Your gift of $100 will continue to provide these young visionaries a space to grow their talent.

Community Outreach

Outreach efforts offer need-based scholarships for children and adults, bring classes and shows to the community, and advocate for Arts Education in schools. A $500 donation will ensure staff is retained to continue these efforts.


Improv builds confidence, courage, creativity, and teaches students to trust their instincts – and it’s fun! Your $50 contribution allows classes and shows to be offered at an affordable cost to all.

Main Stage

Under the artful direction of Bob Carter, the main stage season brings thought provoking shows to patrons of the performing arts. With a $1000 donation you offset the cost of student discount tickets and provide financial resources for scripts, sets, and tech. The show goes on because of you!

As always, we love and appreciate you. Whatever amount you give please know that every gift makes an immediate impact to Actor’s Rep and the community.

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