Emma’s Top 5 Streaming Musical Picks

With theatres closing across the country we are craving that live performance fix. Actors’ Rep’s Emma Harris has put together a list of watch-worthy musicals you can live stream in your down time.


1. Sunday in the Park with George (OBC)


Available on: YouTube

Why It’s Worth The Watch: If you’re an art lover, this one’s for you! Sunday tells the imagined story of the life of George Serat, the painter behind the famous ‘Sunday in the Park’ painting whose life is all but a mystery to art historians. Watch as George struggles to balance art, love, and acclaim, set to a soaring Sondheim soundtrack. This one is one of my favorite musicals of all time, really nothing I say can do it justice, give it a watch and see for yourself!


2. Shrek the Musical (OBC)

Available on: Netflix

Why It’s Worth The Watch: I know, I know- I didn’t want to like it either. I watched it specifically to hate it, but guys, I came out the other end CHANGED. The highlights- Sutton Foster’s interpretation of Fiona is an even goofier, stronger lady character than the original; plus that vocal line is the kind of beltress energy only Sutton could serve us. This show wouldn’t be as incredible as it is without the ENSEMBLE- first of all, it’s a GIANT ensemble, and each of the characters is so specific and unique that it gives the actors an opportunity to really make their ensemble role their own, and the original Broadway ensemble doesn’t fall short for a second! 


3. Legally Blonde the Musical (OBC, MTV Special) 

Available on: YouTube 

Why It’s Worth The Watch: If you’re an Elle Woods fan, this show won’t disappoint. Laura Bell Bundy (Elle) and the whole cast do an incredible job of staying true to the essence of the movie we all know and love, while still making it their own, even expanding on the feminist, girl-power message of the original. Not to mention the fact that the costume changes are INSANE. Jerry Mitchell (fellow former Webster Conservatory student!) really outdid himself on the choreography- the show features a five minute jump-roping number at the top of Act 2 that will leave you as breathless as the dancers onstage! 


4. Little Shop of Horrors (1960 movie) 

Available on: Amazon Prime

Why It’s Worth The Watch: You didn’t know you needed a musical about a flesh-eating flower, but trust me, you do. This classic movie musical is a must-watch- Seymour’s boy-next-door energy is too cute to resist, and Audrey gives us that nasally-voiced charm that we expect from female characters of this era. With a score by Alan Menken (the man behind the music for The Little MermaidNewsies, and more!) this comedy rock musical is sure to lift your spirits. 


5. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (movie) 

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Why It’s Worth The Watch: It’s a classic! A down-on-his-luck dad turns an old, beat-up car into a floating, flying, four-tendered friend for his two kids- and falls in love on the way! This has wholesome, catchy songs, physical comedy out the wazoo, and a story that’s really ‘truly scrumptious!’ 


BONUS: The Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened 

Available on: Netflix

Why It’s Worth The Watch: Ok so this one isn’t a musical, but it’s ABOUT a musical, so that’s close enough, right!? Hear me out- this documentary is about the rehearsal process and eventual closing of Merrily We Roll Along, one of Sondheim’s most infamous flops. The show goes backwards in time, showing the journey of three friends who started out as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young adults with big dreams and turned into bitter, jaded adults- played by teenagers making their Broadway debut! The best part? Footage of Sondheim in the rehearsal room! Who wouldn’t wanna see the genius himself in action? 

Share with us the musicals you love! Send us a line and we’ll post your faves, too.