Summer Camp FAQs

Are the two age groups separated?
For the majority of the camp, yes.  Both groups start the mornings out together for physical & vocal warm ups and morning ensemble exercises.  They also work together once a week for our Improv Olympics and spend breaks together. We may also combine the groups as needed to work on ensemble numbers, such as the musical finale.

Is there flexibility on age groups?
Yes.  We sometimes break up the age groups a bit differently based on the ages of the participants for that particular session.  Instructors will decide on what age group to place a student. All decisions made about what age group a student is placed in is final.

What if my child doesn’t like the camp?
I’m not sure this has ever happened!  But if it does, we’re happy to refund the entire amount of the camp, minus $100 deposit.

When is the showcase?
The showcase is usually held on the last Thursday of each 4 week session in the early evening.  The last day of camp is the Friday following the showcase.  We call it our cast party day and play games, watch the showcase and enjoy our last day together!

Is tuition due up front?
While it’s preferable that tuition be paid up front, we of course accept payments.

May I make payments?
We require the entire tuition to be paid before the showcase.

Is the $100 Deposit refundable?
No.  The deposit is to hold your spot in the camp.  This camp frequently sells out and when people say they’re attending but don’t, it means the spot could have gone to someone else.

Do you offer scholarships?
Yes.  We are a not for profit theatre company who want to teach students who want to be there.  All scholarship applicants must fill out the proper scholarship paperwork.  We may offer full or partial scholarships based on available scholarship funds and applicant needs.

Do students have to do the whole 4 weeks?  Or are they able to do weekly?
While we feel students get the most out of the 4 weeks session, we’re happy to allow students to attend on a weekly basis.  The cost is $225/week for the full day, $150/week for the half day.  The non-refundable deposit is still required. Please keep in mind that if a student does the last 1-2 weeks of the program, they may have a smaller part in the showcase.  That being said, we will ALWAYS find a way to make them a part of the show in a way that they can feel good about.